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Mrs. La Tasha Poster-Holbert,

Founder & Artistic Director

"Nothing is impossible to them that believe."  

Mrs. La Tasha Poster-Holbert was born in Los Angeles, California with the gift of performing and creative arts eternally etched in every fiber of her being. She is a Leader, Wife, Educator, Entrepreneur, Powerhouse, Woman of Faith and Teacher who fosters the development and growth of children in the arts. In her developmental stages of life, she attended Blackwell Dance Academy for four years and trained in ballet, tap, gymnastics, pointe, baton, hip-hop and other styles of dance. By age 11, she was given a job to teach younger students so they could grow in dance and movement. Upon graduation from high school, she decided to pursue her dreams in the arts and attended Cal State University, Los Angeles where she received her Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Dance. She also holds an Associate of Arts degree in Business Management and is currently taking courses to obtain a permanent teaching credential in Arts, Media and Entertainment, Business and Finance; Education; Child Development; Family Services and Marketing, Sales and Services.  


Mrs. Poster-Holbert is a sought after Dance Choreographer and is currently the Artistic Director of ARISE CHOREOGRAPHY, a dynamic company that sparks original and innovative ways for students to express themselves through creative movement and dance. Over the past 30 years she has given dance to hundreds and taught at (Osan and Kunsan Air Bases in the Republic of South Korea), Cleophas Oliver Learning Academy), Church of the Harvest International, (Children's Dance Ministry), Kinder Kids, Ladera Preparatory Academy, Harvard Recreational Center, I.C.E.F. Public Schools, (Lou Dantzler Prepartory Elementary, Frederick Douglas Elementary, Fernando Pullum Arts Center and is currently the full-time dance teacher for Kipp Empower Academy. She has also led her dance competition team to countless victories with Sharp International since 2011 and has won over 70 first place trophies for her leading-edge dance routines. She plans to open an Academy of the Arts within the next decade so students of all nationalities and backgrounds can be trained to become amazing dancers and performers. 


Mrs. Poster-Holbert is endowed with uncanny leadership and mentorship abilities that foster cooperation, motivation and inspiration. She is a determined, God-gifted, humble and compassionate individual who is ready to help others RISE into the unknown through various styles of dance and ignite everyone she embraces with Love, Light and Liberty. She is fearless and ready to conquer any obstacle that challenges her resolve to fulfill her destiny and make her dreams a reality. Mrs. Poster-Holbert is honored to be a driving force in the community and looks forward to bringing her gifts to the world!

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